Gorgeous Guavas - A winter bounty

Hand-crafted, slow food made in perfect sync with nature’s rhythms. This has always been the way we like to do things at ile de pain, and a great many of our recipes are inspired by seasonal local produce.

Food is medicine, and Nature, in its perfection, supplies us with an abundance of vibrant, seasonal food, packed full of the nutrients our bodies need through each changing season. The benefits of eating locally harvested, seasonal foods are, of course, many. It is simply better for the environment, and it supports local artisans and farmers. Fresh, local, seasonal produce is also far richer in nutrients than that of food which has travelled from elsewhere to get to your table.

Winter brings a beautiful bounty filled with incredibly vital produce. Last week we were given a basket of ripe, freshly picked organic guavas. They were just begging to be turned into something delicious.

This is a good example of a winter offering perfectly suited to the season. Guavas are deemed a super fruit, due to that fact that it contains a high number of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant compounds. Not only is it packed full of Vitamin C, it is also rich in potassium, Vitamin C, lycopene, Vitamin A, fibre and B-complex vitamins. 

A simply perfect fresh ingredient with which to make one of our ile de pain recipes – we turned this gift of guavas into delicate buns made with stone ground flour, topped with fresh guava purée and crunchy streusel. 

Soft delicate buns made with a fresh Guava puree and crispy streusel.

Soft delicate buns made with a fresh Guava puree and crispy streusel.